• 2022 TV Writer Access Project Honorees

    Announcing the 2022 TV Writer Access Project honorees, a program designed to identify and provide increased access to WGAW members from groups that have been historically underemployed in TV.

  • I’m Writing a Native Character…Now What?

    The Do’s and Do Not’s of creating authentic Native representation

  • WGAW Community Standards

    These Community Standards are formulated to set shared expectations for all members and address issues of bias, discrimination, and inequity, as well as sexual harassment and bullying.

  • Anti-Racism Resource List

    This list includes resources that writers can use to further, or begin, their personal anti-racism work.

Welcome to WGAW Inclusion and Equity

The WGAW's Inclusion and Equity Department works with producers, studio and network executives, and writers to increase employment opportunities and the availability of writing assignments for writers from under-represented groups, including, but not limited to, writers who are Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American & Indigenous, African-American, Latino, women, over 40, LGBTQ+, or disabled, so they have the opportunity to tell stories from their various life experiences on-screen.


Employers may search for WGAW members according to self-identified attributes.


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What We Do

The department works with industry personnel to develop access and talent development programs and also hosts events, panels, and seminars to promote a more positive image of historically underemployed writers, to increase the industry's awareness of the unique obstacles often faced by these writers, and to encourage positive change in hiring practices.