Although the Guild does not participate in the hiring of writers, as a labor union we are committed to fighting on behalf of all our members for a fairer and more equitable industry. This can only be achieved by standing together against unfair practices. Therefore, in addition to supporting writers who have experienced harassment and discrimination on the job, the WGAW has established a confidential reporting system for writers who feel they have been discriminated against during the hiring process or when seeking representation.

No action will be taken on an individual writer’s behalf unless that writer gives express permission. However, if the Guild receives reports suggesting a pattern of discrimination by a hiring entity or representative, the Guild will pursue appropriate action while preserving the anonymity of individual complainants.

We encourage you to email the Guild or call Latifah Salom at (323) 782-4521 if a studio executive, producer, agent, or manager has said or written something to lead you to believe you are being discriminated against while seeking WGA-covered work.