The Inclusion and Equity Department of the Writers Guild of America West is pleased to announce the honorees for the 2022 WGAW TV Writer Access Project, a program designed to identify and provide increased access to WGAW members from groups that have been historically underemployed in television.

Qualified WGAW members were invited to submit their work in one of five inclusion and equity categories: BIPOC writers; Disabled writers; Women writers; Writers age 55 and over; and LGBTQ+ writers.

Scripts, which underwent two rounds of judging, were read and scored on a blind submission basis by WGAW members with extensive television writing experience, including current and former showrunners and writer/producers.

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Elysse Applebaum
Good Mom
An anxious suburban mom tries to get to the bottom of why her friends and family are turning on her, not realizing that the common denominator in these toxic relationships…might be her.

Christina de Leon
Ruby and Jess haven’t had sex in three months. With the help of her sexual Jiminy Cricket, Imaginary-Rachel-Weisz, Ruby works up the courage to ask Jess for an open relationship…on Valentine’s Day. This painfully real dramedy delicately explores the sexual struggles of a long-term queer relationship where sexual dysfunction and an eating disorder are present.

Jessie Gaskell
A naïve millennial with a penchant for rom-coms becomes the target of a catfishing scheme. When she flies to Casablanca to meet a too-good-to-be-true Bumble match, she quickly learns that things aren’t as they seem…and then those things also aren’t as they seem. It’s The Mindy Project meets Homeland, and yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds.

Lauriel Marger
Two, wildly different teenage girls: one, a starlet, and the other, an addict on the run from her debts, find their lives changed when they become roommates in an all-girls psych ward. Fighting for and against each other, parents, patients, staff, and their own sanity—Peaches is a darkly comedic coming-of-age story about how sometimes, you gotta lose your mind to find yourself.

Steve Westren
Before I Get Old
Dave Marshall, a former pro drummer in his late forties searching for meaning in his life, suddenly finds himself filling in as the beat-keeper for a diverse and rather dysfunctional 20-something all-female rock band as they head out on their first cross-Canada tour.


Kerri Brady Long
Blood Sport
An heiress and wild child finds her search for meaning interrupted when her father dies, leaving her in control of Major League Baseball’s flashiest franchise and in the middle of a power struggle as the team seeks to defend their national championship title.

Erinne Dobson
The More Gone She'll Be
When a rehabilitated sex worker goes on the hunt for her missing sister, she unearths a string of vanished women her small New England town would rather forget.

Skander Halim
Nathan X
An ex-con who converted to Islam in prison is recruited as a special advisor by the police department of a heavily Muslim-populated town in Michigan.

Anne-Marie Hess
After years of being the subject of her mother’s research, the overly medicated teenage daughter of a renowned psychiatrist sets out to ruin her mother’s life. By moving between the unreliable point of view of both mother and child, the viewer is left to determine which of the two is actually dangerously disturbed.

Allyssa Lee
Model Minority
A twisty drama set against the backdrop of Los Angeles’ Koreatown. A black sheep reluctantly returns to her “perfect” family when her prized older brother suddenly dies. She soon discovers nothing is as perfect as it appears.

Laurie Parres
Life and Death and High School
Teen emergency medical technicians face the challenges of being exceptional (in their work) and not (in everyday life) in their battle to become themselves. Holding someone’s skull and brains together is often easier than high school. They’re the kids saving the kids in Euphoria. Teen EMTs are on the rise due to COVID staffing challenges. I got to ride along with them, they’re amazing; they might just save us all.

Bárbara Soares
After joining an A.I. talent agency where she impersonates a CGI Instagram celebrity, a hacker finds herself at the center of a high-stakes conspiracy when that same celebrity begins enlisting her followers to commit suicide.

Tom Towler
No logline available.


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