ABC-Disney The Company encourages production employees to first raise issues with their immediate supervisor, operations manager, on-site manager or supervisor, or Unit Production Manager. If this complaint does not resolve the issue, employees are encouraged to raise the issue to the next level of management. Ideally, complaints are resolved within the employee’s department. Employees may also raise a complaint to Human Resources. Alternatively, employees may call the Company Guideline at (800) 699-4870.
CBS Report to immediate supervisor; department head; any senior manager of the business unit; the CBS Human Resources Department (Cassie Thomas, SVP, Human Resources, or (310) 264-3330; or Tim Farrell, VP, Human Resources,, or (818) 655-7936 or for after hours cell (818) 821-4190); CBS OpenLine at (877) CBS-0888 or (212) 975-9913 (email:, or the CBS Chief Human Resources Officer.
Fox Complainant or witnesses must report facts and names of individuals involved to a manager in the HR Department. If uncomfortable reporting to HR, you must contact an attorney in the Employment Law section of 21st Century Fox Legal LA, who will identify an appropriate person to address your complaint.
HBO Notify the producer, the production executive or the legal executive as soon as possible after the incident of harassment or discrimination.
NBC-Universal (TV Production)
  • Your line management; or
  • Your local Human Resources representative; or
  • NBCUniversal/Comcast Listens Integrity Helpline:
    (877) 40-LISTENS or (877) 405-4783
  • Susanna Zwerling, VP Compliance: (212) 413-6079
  • Jennifer Abbondanza, VP Corporate Diversity: (212) 664-4389
  • Lupe Nunez, U.S. Spanish-language contact: (818) 777-6463
Netflix Report violations of policy to his/her supervisor, manager or assigned human resources partner.
Paramount Complaint procedure: 1) If you are comfortable, immediately tell the other person that his/her conduct is inappropriate and unwelcome and request that the conduct stop. ; 2) If you are comfortable, schedule a private meeting with your immediate supervisor to discuss your concerns. The supervisor will notify Industrial Relations, the producer or production executive, if applicable. ; 3) If you would rather not speak with your supervisor, schedule a private meeting with your department head or a producer or production executive, if applicable to discuss your concerns. This individual will notify Industrial Relations. ; 4) If you would rather not involve your supervisor, department head, producer or production executive, then contact the Industrial Relations Department directly: Ovette Slaughter-Bormann: (323) 956-5609; Melinda Carrido: (323) 956-8241; Jill Glosser: (323) 956-5827; Tracy Owen: (323) 956-5205; or Wayne Runyon: (323) 956-5296.
Sony Complaints should be made to the individual’s own or any other supervisor, to Production Administration or to a Human Resources representative. Supervisors then refer all harassment complaints to the HR Department or to Production Administration.
Warner Bros. Any employee or production staff member who is the subject of who has knowledge of or who witnesses any possible prohibited discrimination, harassment, or retaliation is expected to immediately bring such information to the attention to any one or more of the following persons: unit production manager or line producer, executive producer, HR Department, Labor Relations Department (if applicable) or the WBE Group Corporate Legal – Employment Law Department. While some employees or production staff may feel comfortable discussing potential concerns with their supervisors or department management, such discussions should not be considered a substitute for, or otherwise delay, a report to one of the areas identified above. Employees and production staff are also encouraged to use a 24-hour anonymous hotline at (818) 954-3453 to report any concerns about potential unlawful discrimination, harassment or retaliation, or send an email to

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