101 Best Written TV Series

Aired: 2003-2006

Mitchell Hurwitz offered a glimpse into his take on the family sitcom when he spoke of his own parents' refusal to "quietly disappear into their middle age." This, Hurwitz went on, "made the act of emotionally emancipating from them much more challenging." Hurwitz channeled the dynamic of intra-familial emotional chaos into the nouveau riche Bluths. The peppy venality and plain weirdness of the show's nine central characters helped earn Arrested Development an Emmy for Best Comedy, a passionate fan base, but never enough viewers for Fox to justify more than a limited run. Hurwitz credited executive producer Ron Howard for the documentary-like filmmaking style, shot on digital video that enabled the production to work faster and the writers to think bigger and crazier.

Credited Writers

Barbie Feldman Adler
Brad Copeland
Richard Day
Karey Dornetto
Jake Farrow
Barbara Feldman
Abraham Higginbotham
Mitchell Hurwitz
Sam Laybourne
John Levenstein
Courtney Lilly
Dean Lorey
Lisa Parsons
Richard Rosenstock
Tom Saunders
Chuck M. Tatham
Jim Vallely
Ron Weiner