101 Best Written TV Series

Aired: NBC, 1998-2006

The season prior to Will & Grace's debut had seen TV history, when Ellen Degeneres' sitcom alter ego came out as a lesbian in a two-part episode of ABC's Ellen. Not only did the sky not fall, but along came Will & Grace. The show, in the end, didn't do much for gay rights, but nor did it intend be anything other than a sharp, witty, and fast comedy about urbanites with luxurious problems, a little more adult than the milieu at Friends but equally about the familial bonds of friendship. By virtue of its success, the show did create serious elbow room for gay characters in the not-quite-real world of the network situation comedy, so long as they remained as charmingly fey as Jack (Sean Hayes) or as discreetly sexual and put-together as Will (Erik McCormack).

Credited Writers

Kate Angelo
Jordana Arkin
Adam Barr
Sally Bradford
Jeanette Collins
David Flebotte
Mimi Friedman
Steve Gabriel
Ain Gordon
Jeff Greenstein
Alan Herschlag
Alex Herschlag
Abraham Higginbotham
Janis Hirsch
Darlene Hunt
Ellen Idelson
Gary Janetti
Michael Patrick King
Jon Kinnally
Laura M. Knightlinger
David Kohan
Jenji Kohan
Barry Langer
James Lecesne
Gail Lerner
Kari Lizer
Rob Lotterstein
Greg Malins
Jhoni Marchinko
Cynthia Mort
Max Mutchnick
Katie Palmer
Tracy Poust
Robia Rashid
Jamie Rhonheimer
Richard Rosenstock
Kirk Rudell
Dava Savel
Josh Silberman
Zack Slovinsky
Michelle Bochner Spitz
William Lucas Walker
Sonja Warfield
Bill Wrubel