101 Best Written TV Series

Aired: COMEDY CENTRAL, 1997-Present

From "The Spirit of Christmas," an animated holiday card made for Fox executive Brian Graden that got passed around Hollywood like comedy samizdat, to The Book of Mormon, their current Broadway smash musical, no comedy writers have been on quite on such a run of wrongness as Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It is difficult to quantify what South Park did for Comedy Central, besides grow it from a cable network with a comedy footprint comedy to a worldwide brand. The cut-out crudeness of the animation has been, from the beginning, a kind of Trojan horse for the show's scatology and more pointed comedic aims. Over the years, Stone and Parker have seen their network pull episodes for poking fun at the Prophet Muhammad and Tom Cruise. Such controversy is what makes the series more than a lark, giving it the well-deserved reputation of offending where others fear to tread.

*Non-WGA determined credit

Credited Writers

Susan Hurwitz Arneson
Andrew Borakove
Pam Brady
Jane Bussmann
Vernon Chatman
Karey Dornetto
Daisy Gardner
David R. Goodman
Brian Graden
Bill Hader
Kenny Hotz
Jonathan Kimmel
Kyle McCulloch
Dani Michaeli
Theresa Mulligan
Trisha Nixon
Trey Parker
Glasgow Phillips
Nancy Pimental
Dave Polsky
Erica Rivinoja
Kristen Schaal
Michael Anthony Snowden
Philip Stark
Dan Sterling
Matt Stone
Tim Talbott