101 Best Written TV Series

Aired: CBS, 1990-1995

The series' classic fish-out-of-water premise involved Joel Fleischman, a New Yorker fresh out of Columbia Medical School who is sent to run a clinic in frigid, off-the-grid Cicely, Alaska. Northern Exposure had the markings both of a Hollywood romantic comedy and an indie film's fond and slightly jaundiced look at the way small-town eccentrics behave. Though the world of the show is the creation of Brand and Falsey, who took home the Emmy for a drama in 1992, the series also became known for the fact that David Chase was the showrunner for two later seasons during which he worked with the writing teams of Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green, as well as Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, all of whom later worked for Chase on The Sopranos.

Credited Writers

Sybil Adelman
David Assael
Kate Boutilier
Joshua Brand
Henry Bromell
Mitchell Burgess
David Chase
Sean Clark
Denise Dobbs
Sam Egan
John Falsey
Diane Frolov
Robin Green
Karen Hall
Barbara Hall
Ellen Herman
Jessica Klein
Dennis Koenig
Jeff Melvoin
Geoffrey Neigher
Mark Perry
Robert Rabinowitz
Sy Rosen
Charles Rosin
Martin Sage
Andrew Schneider
Jed Seidel
Jerry Stahl
Stuart Stevens
Meredith Stiehm
Rogers Turrentine
Jeffrey Vlaming
Craig Volk
Steve Wasserman
Christian Williams