101 Best Written TV Series

Aired: AMC, 2007-Present

Matt Weiner wrote the Mad Men pilot nearly a decade before it found a home as the first scripted drama at AMC, where the series debuted in the summer of 2007 and quickly took hold of the imagination with its evocation of Madison Avenue and the country as the turbulent 1960s dawn. Famously, David Chase hired Weiner as a writer on The Sopranos after reading the Mad Men pilot, and urged HBO to make it. "What I really had was a love of this period, a fascination with the '50s, a fascination with New York," Weiner told Written By in 2008. The show's cocktail culture and eruptive social era make it a period piece, but it's the multi-layered deceptions (characters deceive themselves and others, while working in an industry designed to con the public) that fuel Mad Men's allure.

Matt Weiner on his breakthrough script and development as a writer

Credited Writers

Jonathan Abrahams
Lisa Albert
Jane A. Anderson
Bridget Bedard
Semi Chellas
Rick Cleveland
Andrew Colville
Kater Gordon
Keith Huff
Cathryn Humphris
Jonathan Igla
Andre Jacquemetton
Maria Jacquemetton
Brett Johnson
Janet Leahy
Victor Levin
Erin Levy
Tracy McMillan
Marti Noxon
Tom Palmer
Frank Pierson
Chris Provenzano
Robin Veith
Dahvi Waller
Matthew Weiner