101 Best Written TV Series

Aired: NBC, 1993-2004

The Grub Street Productions team of Casey-Angell-Lee furthered the work they'd done on Cheers by moving psychologist Frasier Crane from Boston to Seattle and giving him a radio call-in show. In the process, the writer-producer trio created the last great spin-off. The pleasure in watching Frasier was in the repartee between Frasier (Kelsey Grammar) and his brother Niles (David Hyde Pierce), an equally cultured effete snob. Their banter provided the fizz in a cocktail that included John Mahoney as their retired cop father and Jane Leeves as his home health-care aid de camp. "We hit upon this idea of doing something we didn't think we'd be good at, which was doing a family comedy," David Lee said, of the show's origins. "We thought we were just gang comedy writers."

Credited Writers

Gayle Abrams
David Angell
Lori Kirkland Baker
Patricia Breen
Jack Burditt
Peter Casey
Glen Charles
Les Charles
Dan Cohen
Bob Daily
Ron Darian
Elias Davis
Sy Dukane
Leslie Eberhard
Anne Flett-Giordano
Lloyd Garver
Rob Greenberg
Alex Gregory
Ian Gurvitz
Dave Hackel
Brad Hall
Rob Hanning
Charlie Hauck
Jordan Hawley
Janis Hirsch
Peter Huyck
David Isaacs
F J. Pratt
Sam Johnson
Danita Jones
Michael B. Kaplan
Joe Keenan
Jay Kogen
David Lee
Ken Levine
Steven Levitan
Christopher Lloyd
David Lloyd
Chris Marcil
Suzanne Martin
Linda Morris
Denise Moss
Molly Newman
Dan O'Shannon
Saladin K. Patterson
Heide Perlman
Jerry Perzigian
David Pollock
Charles Ranberg
Vic Rauseo
Tom Reeder
Mark Reisman
Jeffrey Richman
Sy Rosen
William Schifrin
Don Seigel
Jon Sherman
William Lucas Walker
Martin Weiss
Eric Zicklin