101 Best Written TV Series

Aired: CBS 1955-1960; NBC, 1960-1962

Some of Hitchcock's most memorable films came out while he was hosting his anthology TV series, including Vertigo, North by Northwest and Psycho; Rear Window had come out the previous year. This helped, considering the airwaves at the time also offered The Twilight Zone, as well as the lesser-known horror/sci-fi/mystery programs One Step Beyond and Thriller, the latter hosted by Boris Karloff (The Outer Limits premiered in 1963, and Dark Shadows in 1966). Hitchcock's show, on which works by John Cheever, Roald Dahl and Ray Bradbury were adapted into teleplays (Robert Altman, George Stevens and Arthur Hiller, who also worked on Thriller, directed episodes) began of course with the man himself. The way Hitchcock intoned, "Good evening" turned it into a catch phrase. Today, prominent filmmakers direct pilots and lend their names to shows, but how many would have the chops to tape a cheeky cold open, week after week?

Credited Writers

Stanley Abbott
Eric Ambler
Anthony Armstrong
Charlotte Armstrong
Robert Arthur, Jr.
Stacey Aumonier
Gwen Bagni
Bill Ballinger
Maurice Baudin, Jr.
Charles Beckman
George Bellak
Andrew Benedict
Dick Berg
Martin Berkeley
Samuel Blas
Robert Blees
Robert Bloch
Leigh Brackett
Ray Bradbury
Marc Brandel
Robert Brandon
James Bridges
Ann Bridges
Martin Brooke
Frederic Brown
Thomas Burke
Robert C. Dennis
J.P. Cahn
Victor Canning
Richard Carr
Sidney Carroll
James Causey
James Cavanaugh
Bevil Charles
John Cheever
Calvin J. Clements
Marian Cockrell
Eustace Cockrell
Francis Cockrell
John Collier
Alec Coppel
John Kier Cross
William D. Gordon
Roald Dahl
Norman Daniels
Lewis Davidson
Avram Davidson
Borden Deal
Richard Deming
Robert Dennis
Mel Dinelli
Valerie Dyke
J. E. Selby
Rick Edelstein
Stanley Ellin
Harlan Ellison
Nigel Elliston
Irving Elman
Lee Erwin
Henry Farrell
William Fay
Michael Fessier
Richard Fielder
Mort Fine
Jay Folb
Vincent Fotre
Fred Freiberger
David Friedkin
Frank Gabrielson
Harold Gast
Irwin Gielgud
Anthony Gilbert
C.B. Gilford
Norman Ginsbury
Herb Golden
Philip S. Goodman
L.B. Gordon
Thomas Grant
Joe Grenzbach
David Grubb
Francis Gwaltney
Thomas H. Cannan, Jr.
Brett Halliday
Larry M. Harris
Alfred Hayes
Lukas Heller
Kathleen Hite
Michael Hogan
Donald Honig
Randall Hood
Clark Howard
James A. Howard
Evan Hunter
S.W. Jacobs
Selwyn Jepson
Stuart Jerome
Lee H. Kalcheim
Henry Kane
Garson Kanin
Gina Kaus
John T. Kelley
Milward Kennedy
Rose Simon Kohn
Ira Levin
Richard Levinson
Fred Levon
Albert E. Lewin
William Link
Barre Lyndon
Philip MacDonald
Margaret Manners
Terence Maples
Mike Marmer
Donald Martin
Edgar Marvin
Robert Mason
Sarett Rudley Mason
Richard Matheson
Andre Maurois
Sam Merwin, Jr.
Margaret Millar
Oscar Millard
Wade Miller
A.A. Milne
Nicholas Monsarrat
Harry Muheim
Joel Murcott
Emily Neff
Helen Nielsen
William O'Farrell
Peggy O'Shea
Talmage Powell
Andrew P. Solt
Veronica Parker
Norah Perez
Anthony C. Perry
Michael Pertwee
Louis Pollock
Patrick Quentin
Gilbert Ralston
Ben R. Redman
John Resko
Jack Ritchie
Meade Roberts
Casey Robinson
S.R. Ross
Arthur Ross
Sidney Rowland
Mann Rubin
Joseph Ruscoll
Gordon Russell
A.J. Russell
B.W. Sandefur
Alvin Sargent
Sandy Sax
Bernard Schoenfeld
Lou Shaw
Stirling Silliphant
George F. Slavin
Henry Slesar
F.J. Smith
Boris Sobelman
Jerry Sohl
Andrew Solt
Adela Rogers St. Johns
Burt Styler
Logan Swanson
Harold Swanton
William Templeton
Anthony Terpiloff
Lawrence Treat
John Thomas James
Robert Turner
Gabrielle Upton
Irving Vickers
Robert Wallsten
Bryce Walton
Larry Ward
Clyde Ware
Thomas Warner
Halsted Welles
Robert Westerby
Sanford Wolf
Victor Wolfson
Cornell Woolrich
Sam Yaffe