Hello, WGAW member!
Do you have a question about your membership, contract, residuals, dues, or credits? Let us know. We’re here to help.

For questions about eligibility or membership status, or to change your contact info, call (323) 782-4532 or email: Membership.

For MBA-related questions and issues arising from your individual contract, call (323) 782-4501 or email: Contracts.

For questions regarding your residuals, call (323) 782-4700 or email: Residuals.

For questions regarding declared earnings and dues, call (323) 782-4531 or email: Dues.

For questions and concerns about your credits, call (323) 782-4528 or email: Credits.

Other Questions
See a complete list of Guild departments or call the Guild main line at (323) 951-4000. Read these FAQs to find even more answers.