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The Creative Rights Department oversees the monitoring and enforcement of the Creative Rights provisions in the MBA. These provisions apply to Theatrical Motion Pictures and Long-Form Television movies.

Many of the “creative rights” under the Guild’s Minimum Basic Agreement (“MBA”) are extremely time sensitive and a writer must be aware of their creative rights while employed on a theatrical motion picture or long-form television movie. Some of these rights include being listed on a daily call sheet, as well as receiving a copy if you are the currently employed writer(s) on a film production. All participating writers will be listed in staff directories/crew lists. Another creative right is including information about you in the project’s press kit. Under the MBA, you may also request a visit to the set—which could be an ideal opportunity to be interviewed for the film’s press kit/electronic press kit (EPK)—so it’s always best to coordinate your on-set visit with the studio when interviews are being conducted. When you deliver your last draft, provide your filmography to the studio’s advertising/publicity department for inclusion in all upcoming publicity materials. In addition, the domestic version of the DVD, as well as the Internet web page dedicated to a screen or long-form motion picture, shall contain the filmography of the credited writers if such information about the director is included.

One of the most important creative rights is for all participating writers to have the right to view a cut of the film in sufficient time to allow the writers’ suggestions to be implemented in the film if approved by the company. If you’re a credited writer on a project slated for upcoming release, don’t hesitate to contact the studio publicist assigned to your film to introduce yourself and offer to make yourself available for press kit/EPK, press junket, and other media interviews. In addition, if you are a credited writer on a film with a major premiere at a film festival, ask the studio and/or production company’s PR team to be invited to walk the red carpet to get maximum media exposure and align yourself with other “talent” on the project, i.e., the actors, directors, producers, etc. (Please note only credited writers must be invited to the premiere or film festival at which a film is exhibited and invited to the domestic press junket, unless otherwise notified by the Company.)

If you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties concerning any of the creative rights provisions, please call (323) 782-4741 or send an email to: Creative Rights.