This new resource helps writers get acquainted with life as a Guild screenwriter.


New to screenwriting? Let the Guild’s newly released Screenwriters Handbook be your guide. The handbook will take you through the key work issues screenwriters face, helpful career tips from seasoned screenwriters, and the rights, benefits, and support that come with WGAW membership.

Topics covered include:

  • Guild leadership, structure, and ways to stay engaged
  • Your contractual rights, including minimums, residuals, creative rights, and credits
  • Pension, health, and paid parental leave benefits
  • Key work issues such as free work
  • Making smart deals and maintaining professional relationships

This Screenwriter Handbook is an initiative of WGAW Member Organizing. Please contact Member Organizing for more information about screenwriter education and organizing, including the WGAW New Member program, Screen Captains program, Screenwriter Bootcamp, and more.