• The Truth About Agency Studios

    Watch this video to learn about agency studios and why, if left unchecked, their existence will increasingly undermine compensation for all talent.

  • WGA Staffing and Development Platform Launched

  • WGA Files Federal Antitrust and Racketeering Charges Against Agencies

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Nov 24
Dark Waters Q&A with Mario Correa and Matthew Michael Carnahan Guild Calendar
We Need a New Agency Agreement – Get the Facts Agency Agreement 2019
WGA Announces 2020 MBA Negotiating Committee Press Room

Find a Writer

A database of WGAW members that helps employers find a writer by providing a searchable directory with contact information.

Agency Campaign Resources for Writers

A list of resources for writers about how to help, get support, and take control of your career.

Agency Conflicts of Interest

A video about how Hollywood agencies conflicts of interests hurt talent.

Signatory Alert

Please be advised that the following companies and individuals were placed on the Strike/Unfair List.

Read the list.

Foreign Levies

Foreign levies are fees collected in foreign countries to compensate rights holders.

Is the Guild holding foreign levies for you?

Guild Screenings

  • Friday Nov 22
    7:30 PM

    Q&A with Greta Gerwig immediately following this screening.

  • Saturday Nov 23
    11 AM (3D) & 2 PM (2D)

  • Saturday Nov 23
    5 PM

  • Saturday Nov 23
    8:30 PM

  • Sunday Nov 24
    11 AM

  • Sunday Nov 24
    2 PM

  • Sunday Nov 24
    5 PM

    Q&A with Mario Correa and Matthew Michael Carnahan immediately following this screening.

  • Sunday Nov 24
    8:30 PM


Credits Forms & Info

Why credits are important and how to protect them

Minimum Basic Agreement

The WGA collective bargaining agreement

Schedule of Minimums

The Guild's schedule of minimum payments

Know Your Rights

What Every Writer Needs to Know

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