Robert J. Elisberg's column offers guidance to writers trying to make sense of our bewildering technology-based universe.

This is a column that understands when people ask "How do I do this" what they actually mean is "Please tell me exactly what keys on my keyboard to hit." It's a column written for people who work and live in a profession that is technology-based, yet they themselves aren't.

December 2016
Getting Cable—No, the Other Kind…

The Writers Workbench reviews some cables that go beyond basic.

November 2016
Look, Ma, No Glasses

The Writers Workbench travels to Germany to explore the electronic show’s fascinating combination of tech and lunacy.

September 2016
IFA Berlin 2016

The Writers Workbench travels to Germany to explore the electronic show’s fascinating combination of tech and lunacy.

August 2016
Carrying a Lot of Baggage

The Writers Workbench reviews some travel briefcases made to handle the rigors of the road.

July 2016
May I Have a Word?

The Writers Workbench reviews some portable keyboards that will help you do some serious writing while on-the-go.

March 2016
Going for a Drive

Is the speed of USB 3.0 all that it’s cracked up to be? The Writers Workbench puts three USB external drives with unique features through their paces to find out.

January 2016
CES 2016: There’s No Place Like Ohm

From Ultra-D and virtual reality tech to a robot control center for Smart appliances, the Writers Workbench navigates the forest of electronics at CES to find the most useful and interesting new products and hand out its annual Cool Things Awards.

December 2015
Can You Ear Me Now?

The Writers Workbench rounds out the year by listening to a wide range of modestly priced earphones and headphones from the most affordable to the reasonably high-end.

November 2015
Holiday Gifts 2015

The Writers Workbench helps you get your holiday shopping done early this year with gift and stocking stuffer ideas for your writerly minded tech-loving friends and loved ones.

October 2015
Keyboards to Go

What do you do if you need to take a full keyboard on the road but don’t want the hassle of traveling with a laptop? The Writers Workbench investigates some devices that might be the answer.

September 2015
Full Power, Rudolph

The need for mobile power can’t be overstated, which is why The Writers Workbench is reviewing portable chargers again, this time looking at a few that are really trying to create something different.