The Inclusion and Equity Department of the Writers Guild of America West is pleased to announce the honorees for the 2017 WGAW Feature Writer Access Project, a program designed to identify excellent diverse feature film writers from groups that have been historically underrepresented.

Qualified WGAW members were invited to submit their work in one of the three diversity categories: minority writers; writers 60 and older; and women writers.

Scripts, which underwent two rounds of judging, were read and scored on a blind submission basis. The program’s pool of second-round judges included WGAW members with extensive feature writing experience.

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Brian Cox
About Face
Ego and political hysteria drive the larger-than-life, 10-year public feud between glib arch-conservative William F. Buckley, Jr. and cynical liberal icon Gore Vidal and their on-again/off-again relationships with Norman Mailer who was frenemy to them both.

Photo: Michael Jones
Andrea Janakas
Tiger & the Lion
Navigating race and religion in present-day America, Hamzah Aljahmi, a young Yemeni boxer, and Anthony “Tiger” Taylor, his African American competitor, find themselves close to achieving their dreams until one fatal night.

Photo: Michael Jones
Barbara Johns
The Ones Who Know
An emotionally stunted man tries to keep his life from falling apart when his burdensome father unexpectedly arrives to live with him.

Photo: Michael Jones
Italome Ohikhuare
The Mermaid
A troubled, young Nigerian-American woman clashes with her African relatives at a family wedding. But her life changes forever with a shocking discovery about her late mother, her mental illness, and an ancient Nigerian mermaid goddess.

Tamara Lynn Roth
Hearts of the South
Inspired by true events, 1929 Georgia. When her innocent interaction with a black man leads to his lynching and the powerful men in town refuse to risk involvement, a naive but determined woman secretly joins forces with their wives and the widow of the victim to wage a clandestine battle against the Ku Klux Klan.

Amy Sorlie
Game Changer
Game Changer is a modern-day drama about the first female quarterback to play college football.

Photo: Michael Jones
Thomas Thonson
The Moor
Frustrated with his inability to fully practice his craft in 1950s America, an African-American actor concocts a bold plan: using a famous, but down-on-his-luck British Shakespearean actor to act as his “beard,” he engineers a way to play the part of Othello in a stage production in the Jim Crow South.

Bayan Wolcott
Go to Hell, Tina Rhodes
A popular high school mean girl must solve what happened to her after she wakes up as a ghost. And because karma’s a total bitch, the only person who can help her is the artistic loner she bullied all through school.