The Inclusion and Equity Department of the Writers Guild of America West is pleased to announce the honorees for the 2014 WGAW Feature Writer Access Project, a program designed to identify excellent diverse feature film writers from groups that have been historically underrepresented.

Qualified WGAW members were invited to submit their work in one of the three diversity categories: minority writers; writers 60 and older; and women writers.

Scripts, which underwent two rounds of judging, were read and scored on a blind submission basis. The program’s pool of second-round judges included WGAW members with extensive feature writing experience.

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Photos: Michael Jones 
[Left to right] LaToya Morgan, Galen Tong, Q. Terah Jackson III, Soo-Hyun Chung, Tianna Majumdar-Langham, Chris Bessounian, Joy Kecken, Nayan Padrai, and Radha Bharadwaj.

Radha Bharadwaj
Final Boarding
Suspenseful intersecting storylines of four strangers who are desperate to catch a Los Angeles to New York flight that they don't know – but we, the viewers, know – is doomed.
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Soo-Hyun Chung
A girl just entering puberty is seized by uncontrollable sexual urges that overwhelm and frighten her. She defies those who chalk it up to normal teenage hormones to discover that not only has she been possessed by an ancient female demon hellbent on mating, but the people closest to her are helping to carry out its nefarious plan.
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Q. Terah Jackson III
When Bayard Rustin, a brilliant but contentious political strategist, is ostracized from the civil rights movement for being gay, he endures personal and public shame to advance the career of his promising protégé, Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Joy Kecken
All-In is a sports drama about Gabriella Janeway, a former champion who battled her sister in the high stakes poker world and chose the spotlight over her. When Gabriella gets a second chance to take her niece along on the comeback trail, her struggles to face her past may push her to gamble away the thing she needs the most – her family.
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Tianna Majumdar–Langham & Chris Bessounian
Guns and Saris
They’ve been oppressed and brutalized at the bottom of India’s caste system for 3000 years, but now the “untouchable” women of India have found an unlikely source of hope – and she’s armed.
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LaToya Morgan
Same River Twice
A Nicholl Fellowship quarter finalist, is a character driven two-handed thriller following a young white journalist and the mother of a missing young African American girl on their quest to bring a serial kidnapper to justice.
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Nayan Padrai
Billion Dollar Raja
Inspired by the true story of the largest insider trading case in US history, this David vs. Goliath tale follows the journey of Andrew, a tenacious SEC attorney, who is forced to fight the system to investigate a mafia style operation in the shady underbelly of Wall Street offices – filled with high profile tipsters, sexual favors, naked decadence, wild Super Bowl bashes, unapologetic greed, major corporations, secret wiretaps, the feds, and the billionaire “king of kings”… Raj Rajaratnam.
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Galen Tong
The Monkey King
In this period action adventure set in China, a young scholar must become a warrior, disguising himself as a famous character from the Peking opera, then secretly leads a rebellion against the foreign powers occupying and oppressing his country.
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