Dear Members,

WGA members voted to approve the 2020 Pattern of Demands (POD), the constitutionally-required first step of the Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA). For the 2020 POD, 3,336 members voted: 3,028 (91%) voted yes and 308 (9%) voted no. For comparison, in 2017, 1,626 members voted: 1,557 voted yes (96%) and 69 (4%) voted no.

The 2020 MBA negotiations will take place in the context of an expanding media industry that is experiencing record profits. The broad goal of our Negotiating Committee is to build on the gains achieved in past contracts and to ensure that writers receive their fair share of the proceeds generated by the content they create.

Members will have a chance to give feedback to the Negotiating Committee about approach and priorities during member meetings in March. Invites to the meetings will be sent later this month.

Members can email MBA 2020 with questions and concerns about negotiations.

In Solidarity,
David A. Goodman
Beau Willimon