The following resources offer assistance to writers.

  • The Actors Fund offers a range of services to help navigate life’s challenges. A few of these services are highlighted below.
    • Social services and financial assistance—Whether you are facing personal or financial problems, The Actors Fund Entertainment Assistance Program provides support and education on issues relating to sexual harassment, housing, legal services, and healthcare. Professional social workers provide free and confidential counseling and guide you through the services provided by The Actors Fund and other agencies.
    • Emergency financial assistance—Eligible entertainment professionals can access funds to pay for basic living expenses, such as rent or healthcare expenses.
    • Disability and healthcare resources—The Actors Fund helps entertainment professionals create holistic plans for long-term wellness. This includes special initiatives for women, people with HIV/AIDS, mental health, short- and long-term disability, and recovery from addiction.
  • The WGAW Good and Welfare Emergency Assistance Fund provides temporary emergency financial assistance to Current or Post-Current members experiencing acute financial distress. The program is administered through the Motion Picture & Television Fund, which can provide counseling, including specialized health insurance counseling for California residents, and additional referrals as needed.
  • WGAW hosted an in-depth panel discussion on financial planning for writers, Financial Security = Creative Freedom and a Long Career. Watch the video clips to learn about the resources and strategies discussed, and look out for information on upcoming related seminars.