A “signatory agency” is a person, firm or corporation (“Agency”) that agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of the WGA Artists' Manager Basic Agreement of 1976 (“AMBA”) when representing writers working under WGA jurisdiction.

WGA members may not enter into representation agreements with agencies that are not signatory to the AMBA pursuant to Working Rule 23, which states:

“No writer shall enter into a representation agreement whether oral or written, with any agent who has not entered into an agreement with the Guild covering minimum terms and conditions between agents and their writer clients.”

In order to become signatory to the AMBA, an Agency must complete the signatory application, which can be downloaded here, and demonstrate that it is a legitimate business by submitting the following documents with the application:

  1. A letter (on Agency letterhead) containing the following:
    1. A statement indicating which type of clientele the Agency will represent and in what fields;
    2. A statement that the individual agents will not represent themselves.
  2. A copy of a writer-client’s employment contract with a WGA signatory production company showing that the writer-client is employed to perform writing services.
  3. A copy of the Agency’s current Talent Agency License from the State of California. Agencies located outside of California must submit all local licenses or business operating permits required for the Agency to conduct business.
  4. A copy of the Agency’s standard representation contract approved by the State of California. Agencies located outside of California must submit a sample representation contract between the writer-client and the Agency.
  5. Copies of the Agency's telephone and/or utility bills which specify the servicing address.
  6. A resume of each agent and sub-agent at the Agency (we require a minimum of one-year experience in the entertainment industry).
  7. Three (3) letters of recommendation from recognized professionals in the entertainment industry (i.e., franchised talent agents, signatory producers).
  8. A letter from the Agency's financial institution indicating the name and number of the Agency's “client trust account” and “business operating account.” Please also include a copy of a voided check from each account.
  9. Finally, please submit as applicable:
    1. Sole Proprietor - Fictitious Business Name Statement and/or Home Occupation Permit;
    2. Corporation - Articles of Incorporation and Statement of Information for Domestic Stock Corporation;
    3. Limited Liability Company - Articles of Organization;
    4. Partnership - Partnership Agreement.

The Guild will review and determine eligibility upon receipt of the above documentation.

Please mail your completed signatory application and documents to:

Agency Department
Writers Guild of America, West, Inc.
7000 West Third Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

If you have any questions, please contact the Agency Department (323) 782-4502 or email: Agency.